Réseau Quetelet


New challenges for researchers, data producers and data archives

The increase in the number of surveys archived and disseminated raises new challenges for data archives. Indeed, without new tools, the growth of the number of surveys makes it increasingly difficult for users to identify surveys that are relevant for them. Without new tools, combining different surveys with similar questions to conduct comparative research is also increasingly a daunting task. Survey designers who wish to reuse questions asked in previous surveys also need tools to find similar questions.

3 objectives

  • Facilitate the design of questionnaires
  • Identify temporal series of questions
  • Promote secondary analysis of existing data sets


To address these issues, the Réseau Quetelet, the French data archives for social science, has developed a Social Science Question Database and Research Tools that allows users to search for questions across datasets, compare results, and save them.

This tool consists mainly in a search engine like the ones we use every day on the web. The question database lets you search in question texts, response category codes and labels, variable names and labels


The project is in development. I'd need some help to write Less CSS files. A search engine in general study information (abstract, keywords) is the next objective.

Getting help

If you're interested in varQuest and if you're looking for help to have it working your way, contact : xavier.schepler [4T] sciences-po.fr